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In case of a traffic accident, Drivee SafeCALL allows call center to be able to connect into the car and provides fast and conscious accessibility of emergency crew to the certain location of the accident via sending an automatic message to the call center.

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What is Drivee SafeCALL (Emergency SOS Device)? How It Works?

How Drivee SafeCALL Works?

Drivee SafeCALL in 6 steps


In Rural Areas

With the use of SafeCall, 50% of improvement in Emergency Intervention duration is became possible in rural areas.

In Urban Areas

With the use of SafeCall, 40% of improvement in Emergency Intervention duration is became possible in urban areas.

Annual Life Saving

With the spread of SafeCall usage, in each year 2.500 life saving and decrease in injury severity of thousands of people are expected.

Annual Average Money Saved

Annual 20 billion saving in Europe is expected with the spread of SafeCall usage.

Why Drivee SafeCALL?

One touch assistance
In case of an emergency situation (heart attact etc.), call center connects into the car by only pushing SafeCall button on Drivee SafeCall device and emergency units refer to your location according to your needs.
Automatic assistance
In case of a traffic accident, emergency units refer to your location automatically even you lost your consciousness.
Location identification

You do not lost time by trying to explain your location .Emergency unit will reach your location without loosing time to find out where you are.

Conscious intervention
It provides a conscious intervention by emergency unit in a situation, in accordance with your previously given health information.
Accident risk minimization
It provides the “accident risk minimization” with the driver behaviour improvement program.


Drivee SafeCall presented as 3 different products, in different feature ranges.

You can reach eCall and Concierge services by “Drivee SafeCall Basic” product.”
You can reach driver behaviour improvement service by “Drivee SafeCall Plus” product in addition to the “Drivee SafeCall Basic” product’ features.
You can reach fleet management service by “Drivee SafeCall Smart” product in addition to the “Drivee SafeCall Plus” product’ features.

Driver Behaviour Improvement

Driving styles can be improved by analyzing the driving behaviours from the reporting panel in the CRM system. Traffic accidents can be prevented by the system, which is called “Preventive Caution”.


SafeCALL Services

  • Ambulance,
  • Police,
  • Gendarme,
  • Fire Department
  • Wrecker disclosure and location referral.

Concierge Services

  • Reservation services
  • Administrative services
  • Consultancy services
  • Delivery services

Driver Behaviour Improvement

  • Braking
  • Right/Left swing
  • Instant speeding
  • Accident detection
  • Accident simulation

Reporting Services

  • Trip based driving style
  • Overall driving dynamics
  • Maintenance management
  • Motor Vehicle Tax management

Concierge Services

Reservation Services

  • Theatre Reservations
  • Concert Reservations
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Sport Contests Reservations
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Domestic Transportation Reservations ( Train, Flight, Coach etc.)
  • Rent A Car Reservations
  • Translation and Simultaneous Translation Reservations
  • Reservation for Guide and Relevant Services

(*) Need to refer minimum 48 hours before for Reservations.

Administrative Services

  • Drug Delivery
  • Courier Service
  • Flower and Gift Delivery
  • Food and Beverage Delivery
  • Money and Advance Payment Delivery
  • Reserved Flight Ticket Delivery
  • Reserved Train Ticket Delivery
  • Lost and Forgotten Document Delivery

(*) In Delivery services, courier cost is belong to the request owner.

Consultancy Services

  • Information about cultural acitivities
  • Information about culture and entertainment centers
  • Cultural Centers Disclosure
  • Theatre Programs Disclosure
  • Concert Hall Programs Disclosure

(*) Service can be receivable in week days and Saturdays (except public & religious holidays and Sundays) among 09:00 – 18:00 hours.

Delivery Services

  • Conference Hall Organization
  • Fax Rent
  • Computer Rent
  • Mobile Phone Rent
  • Messages Delivery to Business Partners

(*) In Rent Services, rent cost is belong to the credit card owner.


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